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About Us

Strengthening relationships between people and their favorite brands

Acxiom helps thousands of companies around the world use data to improve customer experiences. We created AboutTheData to give consumers transparent access to the data advertisers use to deliver personalized ads and offers. Our vision is to transform data into value for everyone.

As a leader in ethical data use for more than 45 years, Acxiom works to give consumers the ability to make sure this data is accurate, and we give them the opportunity to make choices about how marketers use it.

About Acxiom

Our Commitment to Ethical Data Use

We believe every company has a responsibility to use data in ethical ways that are legal, just, and fair to consumers.

In addition to working closely with governments and self-regulatory organizations around the world, we conduct hundreds of internal reviews every year to ensure our operations adhere to ethical practices that protect consumers.

Learn more from our Global Chief Data Ethics Officer, Sheila Colclasure.

Learn more from our Global Chief Data Ethics Officer, Sheila Colclasure.

Press Inquiries

For Acxiom media inquiries, please contact Sherry Hamilton at

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